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The Siroco Villa in Tordera

Tordera has plenty of holiday villas for its visitors and it easily manages to keep up with the demand for the villas which are loved for the many benefits they have over hotel accommodation during the holidays.

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The Siroco villa is among the many that you will find in this location and with the positive reviews it has from those who have spent some time in it, you can be sure to have a time of your life while within it for the holidays.

This beautiful villa stands at a dead end and you will have the security of parking your car within the property. It is within a serene quiet location and several meters from the beach. The fully detached villa has a private swimming pool that you will have at your disposal during your stay and it is also fully detached to cater for all your convenience needs. The first thing you are exposed to when you enter into the villa is the well furnished living room that is complete with a dining room, one bathroom, 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. You will get access to the stunning balcony from the dining room and living room.

The interior parts of the villa are modern and practical and the light modern atmosphere is simply inviting for all. You will enjoy the panoramic views offered from the villa especially those of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You will have all the liberty of the natural garden that the villa as and since the pool is on the back part of the villa, you will love what you get to see around you during the holidays. It also has a barbecue from where you can enjoy those bonding evenings with family or friends you have for the vacation.

Other interesting features of Siroco include the USB internet access it has, a fore place within the living room, all important kitchen appliances to make your stay most comfortable and enjoyable and entertainment systems which will keep you and the kids well entertained during the holidays no matter the length of time you will be spending within the villa. This is indeed a villa which has been constructed with the best interests of the holidaymakers in mind and it is designed to accommodate a total of 6 guests making it suitable for a family vacation in the striking Tordera.

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